Links to my publications on the arXiv, INSPIRE, and NASA ADS.

Selected Publications

 *As an Affiliated Scientist in the Fermi LAT Collaboration, I am only included in the author list of papers to which I have made a significant direct contribution. Authors taking a leading role in a study are designated as contact authors.

  • "Separating astrophysical sources from indirect dark matter signals" 
    Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins
    submitted to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (invited contribution to proceedings of the NAS Sackler Symposium "Dark Matter Universe")
  • "Millisecond pulsars cannot account for the Inner Galaxy’s GeV excess" 
    Dan Hooper, Ilias Cholis, Tim Linden, Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins, and Tracy Slatyer
    Phys. Rev. D. 88, 083009 (2013)
    journal link    arXiv:1305.0830
  • "Novel techniques for decomposing diffuse backgrounds" 
    Brandon S. Hensley, Vasiliki Pavlidou, and Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins
    MNRAS, 433, 591 (2013)
    journal link    arXiv:1210.7239
  • "Search for gamma rays from VVV-WIT-01 or other possible Galactic Type Ia Supernovae using Fermi GBM" 
    Kenny Chunyu Ng, Shunsaku Horiuchi, John F. Beacom, Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins, Rob Preece, Miles Smith, and Jonathan Gelbord
    Astronomer’s Telegram #4473, October 10 (2012)
    ATel #4473
  • "New sensitivity to solar WIMP annihilation using low-energy neutrinos" 
    Carsten Rott, Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins, and John F. Beacom
    Phys. Rev. D 88, 055005 (2013)
    journal link    arXiv:1208.0827
  • "Characterization of dark-matter-induced anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background" 
    Mattia Fornasa, Jesus Zavala, Miguel A. Sanchez-Conde, Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins, Timur Delahaye, Francisco Prada, Mark Vogelsberger, Fabio Zandanel, and Carlos S. Frenk
    MNRAS 429, 1529 (2013)
    journal link    arXiv:1207.0502
  • “The Fermi Large Area Telescope On Orbit: Event Classification, Instrument Response Functions, and Calibration” 
    M. Ackermann et al. [The Fermi LAT Collaboration*]
    Astrophys. J. Suppl. 203:4 (2012)
    journal link    arXiv:1206.1896
  • "Joint anisotropy and source count constraints on the contribution of blazars to the diffuse gamma-ray background" 
    Alessandro Cuoco, Eiichiro Komatsu, and Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins
    Phys. Rev. D 86, 063004 (2012)
    journal link    arXiv:1202.5309
  • "Anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background measured by the Fermi LAT" 
    M. Ackermann et al. [The Fermi LAT Collaboration* (CONTACT AUTHOR)] and Eiichiro Komatsu
    Phys. Rev. D 85, 083007 (2012)
    journal link    arXiv:1202.2856
  • "Constraints on dark matter models from a Fermi LAT search for high-energy cosmic-ray electrons from the Sun" 
    M. Ajello et al. [The Fermi LAT Collaboration* (CONTACT AUTHOR)]
    Phys. Rev. D 84, 032007 (2011)
    journal link    arXiv:1107.4272
  • "Anisotropies in the gamma-ray sky from millisecond pulsars" 
    Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins, Rebecca Reesman, Vasiliki Pavlidou, Stefano Profumo, and Terry P. Walker
    MNRAS 415, 1074S (2011)
    journal link    arXiv:1011.5501
  • "Searches for cosmic-ray electron anisotropies with the Fermi Large Area Telescope" 
    M. Ackermann et al. [The Fermi LAT Collaboration*]
    Phys. Rev. D 82, 092003 (2010)
    journal link    arXiv:1008.5119
  • "Annihilation vs. Decay: Constraining dark matter properties from a gamma-ray detection" 
    Sergio Palomares-Ruiz and Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins
    JCAP, 07, 023 (2010)
    journal link    arXiv:1003.1142
  • "The detectability of dark matter annihilation with Fermi using the anisotropy energy spectrum of the gamma-ray background" 
    Brandon S. Hensley, Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins, and Vasiliki Pavlidou
    ApJ, 723, 277 (2010)
    journal link    arXiv:0912.1854
  • "Gamma-ray signatures of annihilation to charged leptons in dark matter substructure" 
    Matthew D. Kistler and Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins
    Phys. Rev. D 81, 103521 (2010)
    journal link    arXiv:0909.0519
  • "Robust identification of isotropic diffuse gamma rays from Galactic dark matter" 
    Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins and Vasiliki Pavlidou
    Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 241301 (2009)
    journal link    arXiv:0901.3776
  • "Revealing dark matter substructure with anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background" 
    Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins
    JCAP, 10, 040 (2008)
    journal link    arXiv:0807.1328
  • "A luminosity constraint on the origin of unidentified high energy sources" 
    Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins, Vasiliki Pavlidou, Angela V. Olinto, Carolyn Brown, and Brian D. Fields
    JPhysG, 36, 055201 (2009)
    journal link    arXiv:0710.0874
  • "Signatures of ΛCDM substructure in tidal debris" 
    Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins and Monica Valluri
    ApJ, 681, 40 (2008)
    journal link    arXiv:0710.0385
  • "Unresolved unidentified source contribution to the gamma-ray background" 
    Vasiliki Pavlidou, Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins, Brian D. Fields, Angela V. Olinto, and Carolyn Brown
    ApJ, 677, 27 (2008)
    journal link    arXiv:0710.0619
  • "Gamma-ray and synchrotron emission from neutralino annihilation in the Large Magellanic Cloud" 
    Argyro Tasitsiomi, Jennifer Gaskins, and Angela V. Olinto
    Astropart. Phys., 21, 637 (2004)
    journal link    astro-ph/0307375